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Dekilah says: This set of Amiria Divine is quite lovely. I love the sleek black lingerie and pretty fan, too.

Bum and sun

by Trashherink featuring Lientje

nadya says: I'm so glad to see Lientje back on Zivity in this beautiful set filled with gorgeous natural light!

Kitty Wood says: I love a gorgeous night time set!

Dekilah says: This is such a cute set of LillieRose! And SaltCityRed is right, she does look great in stockings.


by keyamo featuring America

Dekilah says: I really love the styling in this set and America totally looks like a supermodel!

Kitty Wood says: A lovely Spring set!

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Oh, but there's more: is there a photo set you've always wanted to see, but never have? Make it happen here! Put up a cash prize for a photo set centered around the theme of your dreams: vampires vs. robots, elves gone wild(e), stuffed animal Jello wrestling – whatever you can imagine. Our artists submit photo sets based on your prompt, and you choose the winner. Who knew being a patron of the arts was so much fun?

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