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A single male who enjoys the arts, sports and good food.


Business Owner



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Fairfield County

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All kinds

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Romantic Comedies

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You is what matters most!

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  • Posted on 12/09/2011 by AlycHope   
    come join my under my covers in the good morning prize

  • Posted on 09/25/2011 by ScareCrowe   
    Thanks for the add!

  • Posted on 09/25/2011 by LaBelleFille   
    Me and ScareCrowe ( ) are going to be doing a super sexy special set for all of Nick Johnson's ( ) fans.......for all the help getting him to the #5 spot!!!

    To earn this special two girl set (and to help keep that #5 spot) all you have to do is vote one time on any of Nick's sets before September 30th!!!!

  • Posted on 09/25/2011 by SadPenguin   
    Thanks for the add! Nice to meet you. ^_~

  • Posted on 09/01/2011 by LaBelleFille   
    Heya....thanx for being my friend :) feel free to stop by....tell me what cha think of my sets.....or just to say hi sometime :)

  • Posted on 09/01/2011 by OkiDokiOkami   
    How are you? :D

  • Posted on 07/28/2011 by OkiDokiOkami   
    Thank you for the votes on my set "Make a New Friend"!! I really appreciate your support. :D

  • Posted on 11/24/2010 by Sea_Monet   
    nice! I've been trying to write a few short stories lately, but I have too many ideas! and thanks :)

  • Posted on 11/17/2010 by Sea_Monet   
    Hey! That's so awesome hun! What do you like to write?

  • Posted on 11/02/2010 by Tink   
    ...YES! especially since the Raiders have been winning lately as well as the Giant's world series win!! oh boy! it's been a great week for me in sports!

  • Posted on 10/22/2010 by Tink   
    Totally stoked about the Duck's win!! &yes, half Sicilian! ='].

  • Posted on 10/20/2010 by Tink   
    i haven't been since i was really young.
    hope all is well!!

  • Posted on 10/15/2010 by Tink   
    Let's please!

  • Posted on 10/13/2010 by Tink   
    thank you for your love on 'white fishnet!'

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