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About Me

Yes! I want to know what that feels like. Yes! I want to know what that tastes like. Yes! I want to know what that looks like and sounds like and smells like and Yes! I want to do it again. I am intensely curious and I thrive on forming strong connections with other human beings. I want to know about everything, and I want to know you.

I read and write incessantly. My hope is that, should you come across my writing, you will unlock a new chamber in your own heart or mind. Such is my goal. Will I attain it? Time will tell, me beauties. I love story, words, language, poetry, music--any expression of passion and creativity; unbroken routine scares me to death.

Among the things I like most are Chicago (my home), social justice, healthy debates, battle, nachos, piracy, swordplay, fire performance, sharp wit, random and sudden ridiculousness, exploration, art, thunderstorms, cookies, museums, neologisms, simple kindnesses, poetry, chocolate, swingsets, spontaneous and inexplicable feats of affection, felines, long conversations late at night, bacon, books of all sorts, pie, the moon, owls, and cheese.

I love to ask and be asked questions of all kinds.

I think that without random and radical acts of kindness and beauty, life would be such a chore.

I don't sleep, but I dream.


Writer, Editor, Charming Piratical Rogue

My Hometown


My Superpower

I wish I could heal others. Also, time travel would be wicked nifty.

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