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Early on I grew up as a punk rocker but the rave scene turned me into a DJ and a producer of electronic music. I am ex-military (air force SF/Ravne) servicemember and despite all of it a HUGE geek/nerd.

I love all things sci-fi, fantasy, and scientifically awesome. I am a huge gamer and tech junkie. My favorite thing to do is create costumes and cosplay at comic/game conventions (San Diego Comic Con FTW).

I find myself extremely analytical and curious in nature and completely am in love with learning in general. I run a web-hosting, design, service, and consulting business on the side of my current work in *GASP* government security (nope not the NSA)


I run the security program for classified contractors at a USAF base.

My Hometown

Orange County, CA

My Superpower

Owning the awesome

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Posted on 10/29/2013 by sparaz   
I am so fail, rawr.

  • Posted on 11/04/2013 by Liket   
    Fail? You are so awesome

  • Posted on 04/22/2013 by Liket   
    Hey I think I lost your number when I switched phones, so shoot me a text! Thanks for the votes btw

  • Posted on 09/04/2012 by Liket   
    Hey you!!!

Zivity loves you too.