seijin9018 is relaxing after getting back from a Gin Blossoms concert. They weren't bad for hitting their prime 20 years ago.





About Me

Born in Los Angeles, California, I was raised on salty sea air, strong coffee, and whatever came out of the side window of a taco truck. I love the warmth, light, and natural feel of my beach upbringing, and let the feeling of that atmosphere guide my photography.

I'm not illuminating the complex sides of anything. I'm not exploring psychological space or defining truth and objectivity in photography. I'm here to capture the candid and the real using unique locations and natural lighting.

I've worked with clients throughout the United States and Europe.

I currently live and work out of Virginia Beach, Virginia.



My Hometown

Redondo Beach, California

Favorite Music

Classic Rock

My Superpower

I can sleep whenever, wherever.

My Tags

photographer, surf, beach

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