nhgaudreau is getting the hang of this site (I think). I can't wait to get some of my shoots up here so I can hopefully get some votes :-D





About Me

I'm 26 and I love photography, but for most of the time that I've been interested in it, I was into scenic photography. In the last 3-4 years I've gained more interest in photographing people. It's amazing what an emotion can do to a picture. What I want from this site is to find subjects for my photography and to capture some good emotions with my camera. I live in a very nice area of Northern California, but I do travel a lot as well.

I'd love to go out and just take some pictures with someone and see what we come up with. I'm always open to good ideas.

I live in NorCal, but I do go down to Orange County about once a month. I'm often open to shoots in either area.


Sales Engineer


Bay Area, CA

My Hometown

Bay Area, CA

Favorite Music

Pretty much anything

My Superpower

I can do magic eye posters faster than anyone I know

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