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About Me

I'm a time traveler. No, not that kind of time traveler, the kind that races against time in normal situations, a punctual wanderer.

I am a full blood Navajo, one of many tribal ethnicity known as the Native Americans:) nice to meet everyone here, a pleasure & honor to meet inspiring and creative individuals, I am here cuz I'm in luv with artists, can't blame me they're intriguing.

I am into media arts which include my ultimate hobbies; Filming, Art&crafts, and Photography. Although, I'm an amateur now but I'd like to open up businesses and share my passion and culture with everyone someday.

I like to often travel to different countries to experience & adopt foreign fascinating lifestyles for awhile:)


Private Contractor


Kuwait, Mahaboula.

My Hometown

Sanders, AZ

My Superpower

Imaginative dweller

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Posted on 01/04/2014 by narvel64   
Does anyone know if "Skyee Line" still doing Sets???

  • Posted on 01/23/2014 by bexh   
    Thanks for accepting the friendship babe xxxxxxxx

  • Posted on 01/16/2014 by BellaD   
    Thank you for the add love!! Xo

  • Posted on 01/10/2014 by syntheticshadows   

  • Posted on 01/03/2014 by zerotia   
    thanks for the add,how are you?

  • Posted on 12/30/2013 by narvel64   
    Thank you Natalie;) New Years? Hmmm... I don't have awhole lot going on in the country I'm in now. But, maybe I'll fly to Dubai for the holiday only an hour flight and celebrate-it-up:D
    May yours be a blast and memorable:)

Zivity loves you too.