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Mike Giusti is one of the zaniest, most entertaining comedy magicians in the world today, providing award-winning, unique and hysterical entertainment for television, cruise lines, concerts, casinos, corporate & private events, variety shows, restaurants, and even radio! Unlike most magicians, Mike developed a love for the art of magic at the late age of 42, which is rather odd, considering he’s still in his 30s! Affectionately dubbed the "Rubberface of Magic" by his peers due to his highly unusual and entertaining facial expressions, Mike is a globetrotting comedy magician with a reputation for the unexpected and unexplainable! Mike has performed magic and comedy internationally and throughout the States for countless venues. Whether you are seeking laugh-filled stand-up or close-up entertainment, you’ll see why it is Mike’s rare brand of comedy magic that makes him one of the most sought-after performers working today!


Mike Giusti was embraced by music at a very early age, taking up classical piano and vocal music. Mike graduated to the stand-up bass and later, the electric bass, and he hasn’t put them down since. Besides being an accomplished studio musician, Mike has also had the pleasure of playing in various jazz, rock, fusion, and even Rush tribute bands, opening for the likes of Dream Theater, the Dixie Dregs, Faith No More, and Allan Holdsworth. Mike truly allows the bass to stand out as its own eclectic instrument, often disregarding its past harmonic role and combining more contemporary chordal and upper end tonalities in order to help accentuate a band’s voice.


Magician. Musician. I'm a real pro. Philactic.

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