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Posted on 09/01/2015 by micahthemagician   
THANK YOU to the WONDERFUL Miss Hannah Noel for the WONDERFUL birthday present! I love you!!!

  • Posted on 11/24/2015 by Dekilah   
    Thanks for being a fan ^_^ How have you been?

  • Posted on 11/25/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Missing YOU. How are YOU?

  • Posted on 11/25/2015 by Dekilah   
    I've been busy, but doing well. October is always a big month for me and I'm still winding down. And of course now the holiday season is coming. I did have a new set go live, I'm really pleased with it (and happy I convinced the photographer to upload it). ^_^

  • Posted on 11/23/2015 by ELKINGRAPHIC   
    Hello, good day, I invite you to take a look at my first job, tell me that thinks, support if you like, ask the model for incentives, we're here to learn, any recommendation is welcome

  • Posted on 11/17/2015 by Blue_Diamond   
    Hello dear !! I have a new set called "Huasita", this is the typical culture of Chile. I hope you can go take a look and / or comment n.n
    Blue ♥

  • Posted on 11/03/2015 by Morgane   
    Hi micahthemagician! how are you? this is my new sexy set with sexy incentives♡ http://www.zivity.com/models/Morgane/photosets/4 xoxo n.n

  • Posted on 10/28/2015 by VNPhotography   
    Hello ! I eventually released new sets with Chantira :)
    We entered the disney contest where she played Jasmine as the beautiful dancer she is: https://www.zivity.com/models/Chantira/photosets/6
    Please, vote if you like it (there are no incentives on this set but there will be on the future sets and I'll show gratitude to every voters ^^)

  • Posted on 10/23/2015 by freij   
    Hi ! A set with a tattooed model, red hair, sexy white lingerie can't be bad, can it ? And for 20 votes you can not only get it in your mailbox but also get a cute unpublished set of 14 pictures, fun and wild (imagining myself as a warrior but ending up acting sexy ^^)
    Here you go ! https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/23
    I hope you'll like the set and bonus !

  • Posted on 10/15/2015 by freij   
    Hello ! I invite you to discover my last set ! If you like it, vote 10 times to get the whole set + 3 sexy exclusive pictures in your mailbox :)

  • Posted on 10/13/2015 by Lilo   
    hiii :)

  • Posted on 09/26/2015 by freij   
    Hello sweetie ! I entered the "bikini beach" contest and need some support :)
    I figured you would like to have exclusive pics, as always, so here we go:
    5 votes = set as published / 10 votes = whole set (- more unpublished pictures) / 25 votes = set + its 6 bonus + another small set of 6 nude pics.
    Enjoy !

  • Posted on 09/20/2015 by freij   
    Hey ! Not very present here but still alive :) Just wanted to remind you of my last set, all the photos are available for 10 votes : https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/27
    I should have a new bikini set published too, I'll let you know when it's out :)

  • Posted on 09/19/2015 by HadaPixie   
    hey there hope youre having a great weeeknd!

  • Posted on 09/17/2015 by LaBelleFille   
    Just wanted to stop in and say hi!! Hope you're having a great day!!

  • Posted on 09/17/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Miss LBF! How are you? How's the bf? I've missed you

  • Posted on 09/17/2015 by LaBelleFille   
    I'm doing pretty awesome actually. And he's pretty awesome. I think we're going to try to shoot a set for here today or tomorrow!! We need to get him on the site so that I can get up new sets lol. I've missed you too, what have you been up to??

  • Posted on 09/15/2015 by Dekilah   
    Thank you for the support on my new angel wings set ^_^

  • Posted on 09/17/2015 by micahthemagician   
    It was the least I could do. Thank you for all your kindness and for remembering my birthday

  • Posted on 09/13/2015 by MelusineArt   
    Micah siempre desaparecido!
    Espero hayas tenido un hermoso fin de semana ♡
    Thanks for all your support, have an amazing week!

  • Posted on 09/12/2015 by minuitstorm   
    Hey darling, I hope you're doing well this weekend!
    Got some new stuff out if you want to check it out! Socks, cosplay as Wonder Woman, and latex ;) Tell me which is your favorite!

  • Posted on 09/12/2015 by micahthemagician   
    I LOVE IT when you call me that! I voted for both Socks and Wonder Woman and received your AMAZING incentives. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Posted on 09/13/2015 by minuitstorm   
    Glad you got them darling!

  • Posted on 09/17/2015 by micahthemagician   
    I LOVE IT when you call me that! I adore you

  • Posted on 09/10/2015 by micahthemagician   
    ♡ How are you?

  • Posted on 09/09/2015 by Lilo   
    thanks for accepting me, I feel great to be friends.
    I invite you to meet me and see my sets.
    greetings from Colombia :)

  • Posted on 08/31/2015 by micahthemagician   
    And THANK YOU to Miss Riann for her wonderful birthday present!!!

  • Posted on 08/31/2015 by minuitstorm   
    Hello darling, thank you so much for voting! Goodies on their way!

  • Posted on 09/01/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Got them! Thank you!!! And I LOVE IT when you call me that!!!

  • Posted on 08/31/2015 by micahthemagician   
    I want to thank the amazing Miss Katt, Zerotia and Dekilah for being so kind to me on my birthday, and Zivity and Miss Okami for introducing us in the first place. THANK YOU!!!

  • Posted on 01/02/2014 by micahthemagician   
    Happy New Year Miss Bexh! Love, Micah

  • Posted on 08/29/2015 by JoseFurtado   
    Hi. I leave my new set, I hope with Cherry pinup. and thus help integrate new member in Zivity. and you might want to accept as a friend.


  • Posted on 08/24/2015 by pixieprincess   
    Good morning baeee :)
    Thanks for accepting my fq ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ hope u liked my first set *.*

    Xoxoxoxo, have a nice weekkkk :D
    Pixie ♡♡♡

  • Posted on 08/22/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Hola Senorita Nata! ?Como estas?

  • Posted on 08/23/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Es un placer. ¡ Eres perfecta! Gracias por este regalo de cumpleaños!

  • Posted on 08/21/2015 by freij   
    Hey ! I eventually came out with a new set for the "Hands over" contest.
    I have bonus pictures for you: for 20 votes you'll get the published pictures + 5 others (those didn't fit with the "hiding behind hands" concept ^^)

  • Posted on 08/14/2015 by VNPhotography   
    Do you like Alfons Mucha's work ? Maybe it's time to (re)discover it in this beautiful set with sexy parisian grace, Niels: https://www.zivity.com/models/Niels/photosets/9
    Get the whole set including 7 extra pictures (hot, exclusive topless shots !) for 15 votes. Please share some love with us and our Tribute to Mucha :)

  • Posted on 08/10/2015 by zerotia   
    Hey, how have you been?

  • Posted on 08/13/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Miss Zerotia! How do you always know when I'm thinking of you?

  • Posted on 08/15/2015 by zerotia   
    It's magic! Lol how are you Micah?

  • Posted on 08/15/2015 by micahthemagician   
    So incredibly grateful to know you. How are YOU? Tell me EVERYTHING

  • Posted on 08/18/2015 by zerotia   
    I'm grateful to know you and to call you my friend :) I've been better. I was just laid off today :(

  • Posted on 08/20/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Jesus. I'm so sorry. Do you have time to tell me what happened?

  • Posted on 08/10/2015 by MelusineArt   
    Hey! It's been really long since I last heard from you, how you've been? I really hope you're doing ok and that you have an amazing week!

  • Posted on 08/13/2015 by micahthemagician   
    This is so kind of you. I'm always better when I get to hear from you. Como Estas Hermosa Senorita Melusine?

  • Posted on 08/05/2015 by freij   
    Hey you ! New incentives are available: an exclusive set of 15 hot pics for 30 votes on this set: https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/25
    I try to get as mush support as I can to the sets I entered in prizes, I hope you will help :) Thank you !

  • Posted on 08/04/2015 by DevilGabrielle   
    Mermaid out of water, naked in the cold ...
    Free and lost, in search of his handsome sailor. Will you be you?
    Visit my new set https://www.zivity.com/models/DevilGabrielle/photosets/5 "WINTER MERMAID" and redeem votes in exchange for incredible incentives ♡

  • Posted on 08/04/2015 by Morgane   
    Hi sweetie! how are you?
    I invite you to see my new set with Chilean wine :)I hope you like it.
    Kisses ♡

  • Posted on 08/01/2015 by freij   
    Hello ! Today I wanted to remind you of an old set that I like very much, "Oldies": https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/5
    I will thank you with a nude set of 16 exclusive, never published pictures, if you vote 30 times :)
    Hope to hear from you soon ! Enjoy your week-end :)

  • Posted on 08/01/2015 by freij   
    Hello ! Today I wanted to remind you of an old set that I like very much, "Oldies": https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/5
    I will thank you with a nude set of 16 exclusive, never published pictures, if you vote 30 times :)
    Hope to hear from you soon ! Enjoy your week-end :)

  • Posted on 07/28/2015 by Carole_Lyne   
    Want to see my T and A how about some that are THFZ? ;)

  • Posted on 07/25/2015 by freij   
    Special announcement: Sales !!! Until August 1st you get the incentives of this set for 20 votes instead of 30 ! https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/22
    Enjoy :D

  • Posted on 07/21/2015 by VNPhotography   
    Do you like the roaring 20s ? I do !
    I am very much inspired by the vision of sexyness, fun, and glamour of that time, and I asked the sensual MadameFraise to model in a beautiful corset inspired by that time. I really hope you will support our work (She made the corset herself !)
    Enjoy your visit ! https://www.zivity.com/models/MadameFraise/photosets/9
    Waiting for your comments :)

  • Posted on 07/21/2015 by freij   
    Hey you !
    Have you noticed this sexy chillin set ? https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/21 I know it's already a hot summer but... Did you know for 35 votes you can get an exclusive set made by a photographer ? 10 nude pictures in a wooden bedroom with some (fake) fur !
    Curiosity is a good quality ;)

  • Posted on 07/20/2015 by CruelValentine   
    Hi! Thank you for adding me!

  • Posted on 07/15/2015 by freij   
    Hello ! I entered the "love and fun" prize where I model with my cute bunny :) For 30 votes you get the set as published + 9 exclusive pics where the bunny and some cloth no longer appear ^^
    Here it is! https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/22

  • Posted on 07/06/2015 by freij   
    Hey you !
    My last set is out, featuring my red hair and no clothing ;) And for 20 votes you can get another set of 7 nude colorful photos (never published !)
    Here it is : https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/20
    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  • Posted on 07/06/2015 by micahthemagician   
    WOW. What a PERFECT set. THANK YOU

  • Posted on 07/02/2015 by Frescaa   
    hi !
    thanks ! muaaaaaaks ! ♡

  • Posted on 07/02/2015 by Frescaa   
    hi !
    thanks ! muaaaaaaks ! ♡

  • Posted on 07/01/2015 by MadWorld   
    heya thank you for accepting my fr :) have a wonderful day! ♡

  • Posted on 06/28/2015 by Karenzio   
    Thanks for saying yes to my FR :3 ♡ hope you enjoy my set ♡

  • Posted on 06/24/2015 by DeviousDolls   
    Happy humpday, love!
    What do you think of my new girl, Nicki?

  • Posted on 06/22/2015 by zerotia   
    Miss you Micah!

  • Posted on 06/22/2015 by micahthemagician   
    I miss you more, Miss Zerotia. How are you? Tell me EVERYTHING

  • Posted on 06/22/2015 by zerotia   
    ♡ I'm ok. Going through some bumpy times at work but hopefully I'll be ok haha.

  • Posted on 06/22/2015 by zerotia   
    How are you??

  • Posted on 06/22/2015 by micahthemagician   
    I'm so sorry. They're lucky to have you. What do you do again? I am always so lucky and grateful to know you. How do you always know when I'm thinking of you? Although I guess the odds are in your favor on THAT one

  • Posted on 06/21/2015 by Shirel   
    Hey you ! Thanx for accepting my friend request, hope you like my sets !
    The last is here : https://www.zivity.com/models/Shirel/photosets/7

    I hope that you like !
    Have a nice week-end !

  • Posted on 06/21/2015 by VNPhotography   
    Sirithil is back ! Come check her last set and don't forget to vote for her (because she's beautiful and needs to shoot more often for Zivity again ^^)

  • Posted on 06/20/2015 by freij   
    Hello ! Have you seen my last set shot by Ooni yet? Red hair, generous curves and big smile :D
    Don't forget to check my usual incentives on my profile + for 40 votes on this particular set you will get an exclusive set of 20 nude photos... Just saying !
    Have a nice week-end !

  • Posted on 06/19/2015 by DevilGabrielle   
    ¿You give me one or more votes if I give you the incentive you want?
    https://www.zivity.com/models/DevilGabrielle/photosets/4 SET "ANGEL"
    Kisses :D

  • Posted on 06/10/2015 by freij   
    Hey you ! My new set is out... https://www.zivity.com/models/freij/photosets/18
    30 votes on this set will get you 10 photos of the same set, but sexier ^^
    Enjoy your day !

  • Posted on 06/08/2015 by Vivix   
    hiii !! :D

  • Posted on 06/08/2015 by Crisstine   
    don't forgive me :) iand i hope you smile today

  • Posted on 06/20/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Sonrío cada día porque sé que

  • Posted on 06/20/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Sonrío cada día porque sé que

  • Posted on 06/26/2015 by Crisstine   
    :* esta semana yo enviarle regalos

  • Posted on 06/05/2015 by DeviousDolls   
    Happy Friday! Got any plans?

  • Posted on 06/20/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Dear DD,
    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I'm so behind on Zivity! Thank you for asking.
    Last night I saw three plays. Tonight I plan on seeing three more. Tomorrow I have a private show where I'm introducing a new act in Newport Beach.
    Your Fan,

  • Posted on 06/20/2015 by DeviousDolls   
    No problem hun. Life gets in the way, I understand. I've been shooting, shooting, shooting both in front of and behind the camera. It's been a while since I've seen a good play. I'm sure you'll have fun :)


  • Posted on 06/04/2015 by AlcarisBright   
    Gracias por aceptarme!
    Te invito a visitar mi primer set "Freedom Wind". Amor puro a la naturaleza jaja! Que tengas un gran fin de semana!. Besos y Saludos! :)

  • Posted on 05/31/2015 by zerotia   

  • Posted on 06/01/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Miss Zerotia! You always know when I'm thinking of you. How are you???

  • Posted on 05/26/2015 by LenArt   
    Thanks for the add! :*
    Here's my the newest set https://www.zivity.com/models/LenArt/photosets/2 . As always I have very hot bonus shoots for You!

  • Posted on 05/24/2015 by MelusineArt   
    Hey, hope you're doing great :) haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well

  • Posted on 05/22/2015 by MademoiselleCherie   
    Hello darling ! I have a new set to show you. still in the same relaxed, girl next door spirit that I'm trying to explore today.
    I'd like to have your opinion : https://www.zivity.com/models/MademoiselleCherie/photosets/29
    A bientôt

  • Posted on 05/19/2015 by Crisstine   
    Yo espero todo mejore, un beso gigante

  • Posted on 05/24/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Muchas muchas gracias, maravillosa Senorita Crisstine

  • Posted on 05/24/2015 by Crisstine   
    He enviado algo a tu correo, espero te guste ;)

  • Posted on 05/26/2015 by micahthemagician   
    maravillosa señorita Crisstine, no sé qué decir. Fue un regalo tan amable. La única cosa mayor que su asombrosa belleza es su increíble generosidad. Gracias

  • Posted on 05/19/2015 by Cee Cee Ryder   
    HI thank youfor your frienship <3

  • Posted on 05/19/2015 by micahthemagician   
    Thank YOU, Miss CCR. Your sets are AMAZING. I am HONORED to know you

  • Posted on 05/19/2015 by Cee Cee Ryder   
    Thank you so very much! Stay in touch! if you like any of my sets or pics let me know!

  • Posted on 05/19/2015 by micahthemagician   
    I love everything you do. My means are humble, but let me (and the rest of your many fans) know about your incentives. I will support you any way I can. Thank you for making our world a little more amazing.

  • Posted on 05/20/2015 by Cee Cee Ryder   
    Your a one in a million :) I will post my new incentives today. Ill let you know when they are up :) XO

  • Posted on 05/17/2015 by DevilGabrielle   
    Please check my new set "JOIN ME" https://www.zivity.com/models/DevilGabrielle/photosets/3 and tell me what ya think! If you like it vote please!
    New and exciting incentives for you (https://www.zivity.com/models/DevilGabrielle), a vote would be very important to me ♥

  • Posted on 05/16/2015 by zerotia   

  • Posted on 05/17/2015 by micahthemagician   
    WONDERFUL Miss Zerotia! How are you? I was just thinking of you! Not surprising

  • Posted on 05/09/2015 by Crisstine   
    Good weekend Micah, xoxo

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