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Jessiica Love Modele “The Roller Coaster Life” By: Matthew Boyle

Jessiica Love Modele (modele di amore di jessiica, born January 8, 1992) is an Italian Canadian Model, Business Woman for DollHouse, Hair stylist, Professional Esthetician, Make-Up Artist, Fashion Designer, and occasional Actress & Photographer. Who is Jessiica Love Modele? Behind all the pouting and sultry posing that any modeling demands she is a true girly girl with a friendly disposition. She loves life and enjoys loads of really great friends. Jessiica is the first to admit that she’s very lucky with the work she’s got to meet loads and loads of really nice people. This isn’t hard to believe since she has friendly and approachable attitude. Jessiica was raised in St-Isadore, a city outside Ottawa, by her European & Canadian parents Stacey, a Massage Therapist, and Jason, a Printer. Her cousin inspired her to enroll as a Sun Shine Girl Model which would be posted in Ottawa’s #1 Newspaper source and distributed thousands of copies locally. Unfortunately the budget’s got cut before Jessiica’s image was poster. It wasn’t much longer until Jessiica tried out for XXX Choppers Chick and started off the New Year as Miss January. After only 4 months of modeling Jessiica was well known across Eastern Ontario. She worked with several well known photographers on a daily basis such as Eric Labonte, Doug Budzak, Skye Kalosza, Gord Weber, Andrew Reid. Not only did her face become recognized to the city it was well known to the Sick Kid’s at Cheo. Carmen Wynn- Special Events Coordinator at Cheo says “Jessiica has a very exposed career that people may unfortunately take the wrong way, but she just has this passion to help others. Those kids lighten up and smile because of her Pose4TheCure donations. It’s not often you see someone so young working so hard to give everything they have to make such a little difference, and at Cheo we thank her for everything. Only 8 weeks of having a fan page called Jessiica Love Modele her number of fans sky rocketed to a high number of 1000 Fans across the world. Out of 25,000 girls across the world Jessiica Love Modele was selected in Eastern Ontario’s Miss Universe 2011 competition which will air on Fox in Brazil. It wouldn’t surprise most of us If her face showed up on Elle or Vogue. She isn’t any supermodel but she is only a 5”2 petit model who has a huge competition against most average 5”7 girls. Even after harassments, prank calls, fights, name calling, Jessiica still hasn’t given up on her dream and puts in 110% into everything she tried to accomplish while remaining professional. Miss Love is extremely loyal and hardworking, sometimes too sensitive, but she’d rather be this way than arrogant... Jessiica have a very close network and doesn’t let too many people in, this way she protects herself from getting hurt easily. Modeling is her first love; Jessiica loves the glamour of it all. Apparently she adores the busy, stressful, last minuteness of a busy shoot and that she has to adopt and adapt different characters and styles at the blink of an eye. Upcoming News on Jessiica is she has been scouted by a well-known Playboy Photographer that plans to shoot her face for Mags in March. She has also been offered a gig from UniGirl Magazine to be a Bikini Model this summer. Modele believes that we can all dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. Since she was a little girl, she grew up playing in dresses, posing in front of camera's consistently and fantasizing about becoming a model. Now she’s at the right age and set of mind her plan is to achieve her dream. Jessiica has been extremely lucky in her life to achieve everything she has, which is why she never takes anything or anyone for granted, and puts so much effort into everything she does, as she knows, more than anyone, that it could all end tomorrow.. Even though Jessiica has a huge fan based page on Facebook she hates the word 'Fan' but she understands that she has a hugely successful social networking infrastructure that has evolved into thousands of 'Friends'. While Jessiica Love Modele admits to being a girly girl she’d rather not be stereotyped. She is currently in a 4 year study in Fashion Design, Aesthetics, Make-up Artistry, & Hair Styling. Jessiica Love Modele is a well-known Petite model who has inspired many people to never give up and follow their dreams no matter how crazy everyone thinks you are. x x x

♥Vital Statistics♥
Height 5”3
Dress Size CA 1-3
Bust Size 36B
Hips 26”
Waist 24"
Shoe Size CA 6


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