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About Me

Twenty-something photographer and designer under the influence of beauty and grace. I mainly shoot digital with a very smooth post-production workflow in mind, but I also shoot analog whenever the shoot's aesthetic calls for it.

My rates generally depend on the type and concept of the shoot and are completely reasonable and almost always negotiable. There are a few instances where I'd be willing to do TF, however. If you come to me with an amazing concept and are well prepared to collaborate, let me know! And then there's my own wishlist of models and artists I want in front of my camera. But no matter what, never hesitate to contact me.

I also produce and edit fashion video, music videos, lookbooks, and many other multimedia projects. I'm interested in creating composite images and surreal environments with you at the center. Let's shoot something wonderful.


Email: dstokephoto@gmail.com
Phone: 551-333-9146




Los Angeles, CA

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Fresno, CA

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