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About Me

Anatomically, BiggCaZ is a stocky and muscular animal. It has black fur with scruffy sideburns along the sides of its head that is usually long and dense and does not retain much water, making it very resistant to frost, which is common in BiggCaZ's cold habitat.

The full grown African American and Dominican hybrid human male is about the size of a small American Black Bear, with a height slightly over 180 cm (6 feet). In appearance, it is actually often mistaken for an American Black Bear, though is (aside from his head) mainly hairless, but usually only wears dark clothing covering nearly its entire body.

BiggCaZ usually inhabits the northeast of the United States. This may be because competing artist populations are much more dense, making it more practical for the BiggCaZ to act out in socially unacceptable ways without upsetting other animals.

Though known to be an otherwise timidly gentle animal, it has been known to down prey as large as moose, although most typically when its been agitated. Armed with powerful jaws, large fists, and strong legs, BiggCaZ may defend itself or those it cares for against larger or more numerous predators if need be.

Despite its seemingly vast physical strength and reportedly intimidating stature, BiggCaZ can easily be felled by a woman's gorgeous set of eyes and pretty smile. The same effect reportedly happens when confronted with a cutie with a nice booty.


Illustrator mainly, occasional Hired Muscle/Bouncer, Tattoo Artist & (currently, but only for now) gun smithing detail

My Hometown

Waterbury, Connecticut

My Superpower

The ability to rock out both with and without my cock out. Or to just have it out

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  • Posted on 06/18/2009 by (deleted) Vivka   
    will miss you, buddy~! xoxo

  • Posted on 03/18/2009 by Belette   
    You'll let me eat your comics, you'll see...

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