cole benoit photography is - my new business venture.





About Me

I'm a photographer (obviously/apparently).

I spend most of my time shooting fashion, nudes, rock climbing and other random acts of artistic creation (or at least I try to spend my time as such).

I'm also a musician, a beer geek/brewer and among many, many other things, I enjoy riding around on a piece of wood.


Photographer and master of the chainsaw bass.

My Hometown

is irrelevant.

Favorite Films

Japanese gore movies.

My Superpower

Outer Space.

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  • Posted on 01/19/2014 by WPLProductions   
    Thank you for accepting my FR

  • Posted on 11/01/2013 by pdxexotic   
    Thank you for accepting my friend request!

  • Posted on 10/31/2013 by Teva   
    Thank you for accepting my friend request! I love your work ♥

  • Posted on 01/06/2013 by joewhite   
    Just ran upon an old set of yours and wow!! Love it, and love your style well done.

  • Posted on 09/07/2012 by Vivka   
    I LOVE your new set...

  • Posted on 08/10/2012 by Vynx   
    Hey Cole how u doing? dropping by to say hey, luvthe sets like Serene Greene - have a great day :) x

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  • Posted on 08/07/2012 by Tita   
    Your set with Ceres is lovely!! A perfect blend of her and Vancouver's natural beauty <3

  • Posted on 08/06/2012 by tmronin   
    nice to see you back with a new set.

  • Posted on 08/06/2012 by charrstarr22   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request. Keep posted. <3

  • Posted on 01/25/2012 by Ryamae   
    Hi there! Thanks for accepting my friend request!

  • Posted on 10/27/2011 by Guns   
    My new set 'The Backseat' is up by AftermathPhoto!
    The bonus pictures are just as good!
    Check it out! Vote if you like!

  • Posted on 10/11/2011 by adrian_louise   
    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. Your work here is just lovely. =]

  • Posted on 09/24/2011 by Just_Lisa   
    Thank you for the friending. That Stockholm video is amazing! Great idea. Nice to see you at work on one of your many very cool sets.

  • Posted on 08/12/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    love the video!

  • Posted on 08/11/2011 by andrewleduc   
    bonjour fellow BC photographer! you have some great work, cant wait to see the video you made.

  • Posted on 08/10/2011 by Dirty Dahlia   
    I love your view thru the lens. Can't see what else you create!


  • Posted on 07/22/2011 by DavidHoughton   
    Hi new friend!
    you have some interesting angles to your shoots...

  • Posted on 07/20/2011 by Tabatha   
    Hey there, thanks for the friending. I like your work, especially your use of negative space in the shots - adds an artistic quality that I like.
    And - I love your Avi too. :)

  • Posted on 07/20/2011 by Epique   
    thanks for the add love your work :)

  • Posted on 07/20/2011 by Merlowe   
    Thank you for the FR..your work is fabulous!

  • Posted on 07/20/2011 by Pirate Photography   
    thanks for the fr

  • Posted on 07/20/2011 by Lila   
    Thanks for the friendship, your sets are fantastic! Lemme know if you ever happen to be in my area :)

  • Posted on 07/20/2011 by Kaia   
    Fuuuck yeah we could.

  • Posted on 07/20/2011 by Saint   
    Thank you good sir! Glad we're friends!

  • Posted on 07/20/2011 by Kaia   
    Thank you, sir! You do beautiful work as well :)

  • Posted on 07/18/2011 by Nile   
    Thanks so much for accepting the add :)

  • Posted on 07/11/2011 by Spaci   
    meow we really need to shoot. :3

  • Posted on 07/08/2011 by Spaci   
    following your blog :P

  • Posted on 06/29/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    I actylly found my cats on ebay classifieds! i would def try that, there was alottt of results! good luck!!! <3

  • Posted on 06/25/2011 by Kealani   
    Hello! Thank you for the FR! Love all of your sets, great photography! Good luck with the June contest! :)

  • Posted on 06/23/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    awesome!!! what color/ style bangal are you getting?
    both my boys are standar brown, one is spotted one is marbled. same litter!

  • Posted on 06/14/2011 by fireproof   
    Your sets rock!

  • Posted on 06/10/2011 by barbie_spain   

  • Posted on 06/08/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    howdy and pleased to meet you new friend!

  • Posted on 05/21/2011 by BoldDaniel   
    greetings new friend

  • Posted on 05/20/2011 by kasara   
    Hey Cole. I am living in Vancouver now if you are ever interested in shooting again. :)

  • Posted on 05/02/2011 by Dekilah   
    Thanks for being a Zivity friend :)

  • Posted on 04/04/2011 by Trailer   
    Thanks! I hope our paths cross one day! =]

  • Posted on 02/24/2011 by SabrinaSin   
    You're awesome! -xoxo

  • Posted on 10/18/2010 by ColletteVonTora   
    Hey! Thanks for accepting :) Hope you like my first photo set!

  • Posted on 10/10/2010 by onirico   
    Impressive works dude.

  • Posted on 09/11/2010 by kasara   
    we should work together more often. check out all those shiny votes!

  • Posted on 08/22/2010 by EnglishBabs   
    Thanks for being a Zivity friend. I love your latest set, Sticky Sweet.

  • Posted on 08/18/2010 by kasara   
    we're on the front page! woo!

  • Posted on 07/19/2010 by kasara   
    So random bumping into you today! See you tomorrow and we'll make magic. :D

  • Posted on 07/18/2010 by Built4Sin   
    cool sets!! can't wait to check out more in the future!

  • Posted on 07/07/2010 by kasara   
    Loved your new sets. I can't wait to shoot. :D

  • Posted on 07/01/2010 by kasara   
    Oooo... I wanna see it! Also, Happy Canada day!
    By the way, I'm coming through town this month. Interested in shooting something?

  • Posted on 06/15/2010 by dDanielle   
    I am excited to see them! I have a couple coming in July as well! Much love.

  • Posted on 06/01/2010 by Cyan   
    Thanks for sending me a link to the video. I'm going to feature the video and then the set in July when it comes out. Btw, nice profile photo!!

  • Posted on 02/23/2010 by SakuraRedd   
    hello baby!
    thanks for the friendship!

  • Posted on 02/16/2010 by AnnabellLee   
    Hey, & thanks for adding me!

  • Posted on 02/14/2010 by TameBabyParrots   
    Hi friend, Larana & I have a new set w/extras: an autoharp practice session, & we made a recording available to stream/download free as well as a stop motion video. The set is here: "The Folk Song"

    And the extras are here:

    Request your favorite tune for a future recording!

  • Posted on 12/21/2009 by Heather_Cullodena   
    2 new surprise sets...oh my!! If ya have a second, I'd love for you to come by and check them out :)

  • Posted on 12/04/2009 by Heather_Cullodena   
    Nice!! Do you know when it goes live yet? My set sets all go up within a week of each other...all 3 of them ;) Then I have 3 more being edited and shooting more all the time! Can't wait to see yours!!

  • Posted on 12/04/2009 by Heather_Cullodena   
    Just stopping by to say hi :) Great 1st set!

Zivity loves you too.