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  • Posted on 03/12/2014 by Wavewatcher66   
    Mexico! Lovin life

  • Posted on 03/12/2014 by Wavewatcher66   
    Fantastic. I'm a lobster though. :-)

  • Posted on 03/12/2014 by Wavewatcher66   
    It's a magical place, this Sea of Cortez. Time has no meaning, it's wonderful. Hope we get to meet in April in PTown!

  • Posted on 03/08/2014 by LlaraMadisonEvans   
    Hello love :* Its Saturday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get a chance to enjoy my new Rising Venus set in the Goddess prize. Great new incentives love even one vote deems you worthy of my lil hello video <3 Dont miss out <3

  • Posted on 02/21/2014 by Wavewatcher66   
    You are so sweet ... Hey still trying to get my Portland friends to reach out to you ... I'll bug em again.

  • Posted on 02/21/2014 by Wavewatcher66   
    Btw, greetings from Austin TX (this weekend)!

  • Posted on 02/21/2014 by Wavewatcher66   
    It's purrfect, but I won't rub it in ha ha

  • Posted on 02/21/2014 by Wavewatcher66   
    Hi 70s but down to 50 by Wed! :-(

  • Posted on 02/17/2014 by zerotia   
    thanks for the add :)

  • Posted on 02/14/2014 by justice91423   
    Hey there

    I just wanted to let you know there is a bunch of new stuff in my store. I hope you'll come check it out.


  • Posted on 02/10/2014 by Wavewatcher66   
    Wow! Very nice first set ... Certainly looking fwd to more of you! ;-)

  • Posted on 01/24/2014 by EnglishBabs   
    Happy Friday! have a great weekend!

  • Posted on 01/22/2014 by LlaraMadisonEvans   
    Happy hump day love ♥

  • Posted on 01/21/2014 by hexhypoxia   
    thanks so much for the love on my set!

  • Posted on 01/20/2014 by EnglishBabs   
    Welcome to Zivity! Good to meet you! I love your Zivity name. Have a great Monday! Hey, I am the very first to write on your wall!

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