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About Me

Based Washington DC Virginia Md NY FLA Canada France Germany

professional fetish photographer & IT graphic design

Instead of how many yrs. I have or experience I shall keep it simple...Blah, blah, blah, been PUBLISHED, blah!

HINT: LOOK FOR THE Biohazard Symbol
. In short, always looking for models, friends& Projects to collaborate that are open to unique possibilities of creativity.
An active participation in goth / fetish lifestyle.
( I may be a little insane? lol.) };)

Specialize in fetish photography - graphic design & digital imaging.
Shoot mostly fetish erotica / glamour, goth / alternative / pinup / Asian/ Ebony/ Nude/ BDSM/ fetish fine art…artistic, retro, portrait, fashion, runway, latex, rubber, boudoir, steampunk, cosplay, lingerie…etc.

***Negotiable TFP/CD for model Starters & Semi Pro- If Desired***
Personal Session Rates: Are Always Negotiable…..Just Request What May Be Possible

"Angels are all around...black or white...they whisper little things just for you...so listen." War01 quotes


professional fetish photographer

My Hometown

Marsbase Alpha

Favorite Music

VNV Nation, FGFC820, funker Vogt,

Favorite Books

Zen poets, HR Giger

My Superpower


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