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About Me

Well I guess I will start by telling you that I received my first 110 camera when I was 11 or 12. A year later I entered a local photo contest at the country fair and I won! I have always loved taking pictures. I have TONS of photos and photo albums to prove it! I never owned a manual film camera. I think I was intimidated by them and when I was 17 I decided to go in a career direction that was in the care giving field. I still loved taking pictures and never went very far without my camera handy and a roll of film!
Technology was advancing quickly and I was resisting it big time! Finally in 2006 I got a computer. Soon after that, I bought a web camera. Instant pictures! I loved it! Next came a cell phone in 2007, with a digital camera! Again, portable instant pictures!! I was loving this digital photo taking!! I was no longer in a financial position to buy myself a good camera so I made due with my cell phone pictures and when on vacation I bought film for my 35mm automatic camera.
In 2008 I was given my first dslr. My Olympus E 510. I loved it!! I took thousands of photos!! I had my first paid photo shoot in February of 2009. I realized that I had A LOT to learn and so I started hanging out with another photography loving woman and together we started reading about digital photography and she showed me what she already knew. Soon I was learning to use the manual settings on my camera. I still needed help though. I took a few workshops with and did an online, short term mentor ship. In 2010 I launched my business in July.
I am still learning all the time. I have bettered my equipment since my E 510, however, I still shoot with Olympus dslr's. I edit with adobe ps6. I use other people's actions in ps in some of my editing. I love working with teens in production, modeling and mentoring. I have had the pleasure of having had a Co-Operative Education student work with me in 2011.


Photgrapher, Editor, Mom


New Hamburg, Ont.

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Gananoque, Ont.

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Blues and all music

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All sorts

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All sorts

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