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My goals within my modeling career are to show those that may follow me, that life is strictly what you make it. I feel every woman should feel the confidence of her inner beauty as well as her exterior beauty.

I do not hold the goals as some might, I do not wish to become a super model, but I would love nothing more than to work closely with an apparel company. I have to admit, I love clothes, which might have assisted in the decision I made to start modeling. Not only do I get to "play dress up" but in 99% of my shoots, I get to keep all the clothes!

I wouldn't consider myself having a certain style, but must I give a description, I would say I fit along the lines of pin up. Though it strictly depends on the clothing choices for the day.

When I arrive for a photo shoot, I have with me my outfits for the day, as well as accessories. The variety of clothes and accessories will decipher what my style will be for the day. My physical features provides many opportunities for many different styles.

I am constantly updating and "perfecting" my personal website, so while it continously changes, the photos remain up to date.

The literal definition of a Model is "A person employed to display merchandise, such as clothing or cosmetics."

However, I feel the perfect shot is worth so much more involved than many might think. I firmly believe that a photo can say more than thousands of words to anyone who's willing to listen.

To understand what I mean, please take a little time to check out my personal portfolio and see for yourself how I remain professional on the set while creating supurb images for the viewing of all audiences.

Beyond all that information, I am also a makeup artist that will show up, apply makeup for your model as well as complete a certain type of hair style you're looking for. When my portfolio states paid shoots only, this is to include makeup and hair, as well as particular types of photo shoots. As I continue to build my portfolio I am experiencing with different types of photo shoots. As beginner photographers, models, and makeup/hair artists, there is always the TF stage we allgo through. Once we feel experienced enough to take it to the next level, you can not demand every shoot to be, paid. Photographers and agencies will be willing today for certain types of shoots, but that's when the messages between the involved parties begin and the details are worked out. For more details, whether you need me as a model, makeup artist or hairstylist, please feel free to send me a message, I reply to all messages the same day. My schedule is very flexible. I'm pretty sure I am able to meet your needs!


Lindenhurst, IL

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    Hi S_L! Looking forward to flooding this site with sensational pics of beautiful you! :)

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