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 Seattle, WA

So thrilled that "Colorful Nerd" won the Geeky Gamer Girls contest!! Whooohoo!!!

I'm an adventurous and slightly wild girl who currently works as a Dominatrix in Seattle. I love dressing up, dressing down, and flirting with the camera! I'm a total exhibitionist, and I hope you enjoy my photos! There are always usually a few extra juicy pictures from my Zivity sets, and I'm happy to share them with fans who support me with their vote of approval : )

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7 Photosets


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...with my spatula! Be sweet and send some love for "Eat Your Eggs" and I'll return he favor by giving you access to the really hot photos I wan't allowed to post.

Eat Your Eggs shot with Naimages for nib1516's "Nines to Nudes" set.
If you love high heels, thigh-high stockings, garters, and naughty antics as much as I do, you'll really dig this set!
10 Votes gets the full set + all of the behind the scenes photos
20 votes gets full set + behind the scenes + super hot bonus pics!
Incentives for this set end 5/31/2013

But wait, there's more!

Independent Beauty shot with Naimages for pascal204's "Gibson Girl" set
What's not to love about a woman who knows what she wants? Take a gander at my satin knickers and unflinching confidence in this vintage set.
20 votes gets all the submitted set plus all of the behind the scenes photos!
Incentives for this set end 5/31/2013

Colorful Nerd shot with Naimages for bloodrick's "Geeky Gamer Girls" set
I'm a huge fan of spandex, glasses, and pigtails, so you can image what fun I had combining all three for this flirty set featuring me in all my geeky glory.
15 votes gets all the naughty photos I'm not allowed to post on Zivity
Incentives for this set end 5/31/2013

Drenched shot with Naimages for cyan's "Women Struggling to Drink Water" set
This was an incredibly fun set to shoot. I love getting wet, and letting my make up run, having my hair get tangled and wild. There were some seriously sexy photos we couldn't submit to Zivity on this set, so don't miss out on the incentives...
20 votes gets all the extra wet and wild photos
Incentives for this set end 5/31/2013

I love showing off, but I'm a busy girl and need your votes to keep on making hot sets. Thank you all for your support!

~ Savannah Sly

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Hi! Thanks for accepting my FR!
I have a brand new studio, and I'd love to get together again next time you're in Boston!



LOVE the new set <3!!!


Congrats on winning the geeky gamer girls prize :)