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Err dear god I hate these sections. Umm I'm pretty blunt, definitely quirky, a free spirit for sure, although I do have some ridiculous moral views on the most random stuff. I blame being born into a Portuguese/ Catholic family for this. LOL! I like to think of myself as the worstest artist ever. I love to draw, paint, create, and have a million ideas. Do I ever complete anything? Nope! Well, maybe once in a blue moon when I'm hogtied and held over a fire to slow roast until I finally give in. I love to dance, I love the outdoors and nature so much so that I would love to one day escape to the mountains and build myself a quiet log cabin retreat. A place where I could just stay and work on my art projects with no interruptions and perhaps actually have the means to finish what I start and creep towards my ultimate goals. I'm very interested in Philosophy, religions, Egypt, our solar system and what could be out there. Yoga, the spiritual side of things. I believe there is no greater power then that of the human mind and soul, and that if we do not do what we can to expand these things then we will never reach our true potential as human beings. I love animals.. they make me happy.. Like them better then people most of the time,, umm what else... My imagination is waaay to overactive at times.. a blessing a a curse. and blah if there is anything I've left out here I dunno perhaps you'll learn about it at some point.


Professional slacker (I like to call it "artist")

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Sarcasam, oh and of course Perfect Awesomeness.

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