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it's been a while, but I'm back and Caught On Camera:

Hi everyone, I'm Roxy.

I'm a full time glamour model, presenter on the late night shows, all round very naughty girl, and exhibitionist.

I've been lucky to be published in a lot of the UK and European top shelf magazines and have appeared in several Playboy video productions. But I have a real desire to connect with the people who like my work. So I got told that THIS was the place to be to do just that

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3 Photosets


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Hi there all you Zivitiers, thanks for dropping by.

So what do I have for you here. Well, I have plenty of sexy, hot and steamy photos, and I have lots and lots of them. So check out my packages:

5 votes = the online set in High Resolution
10 votes = the Zivity set + half the standard extras
20 votes = the Zivity set + all the standard extras

Now this is where it could get fun. If any of you have followed my career so far, you'll know I'm a published adult model. So you can probably guess there are some photos (and maybe videos) to go with my sets that are little risqué to say the least ;). So,

40 votes = all the above + the naughty photos
75 votes = everything + a very naughty video

If you want to know what the risqué pics and videos show, just ask. I'll happily give you a very vivid description. Once you see them, I'm sure you will want more and more - and I am more than happy to keep giving.

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Thanks for accepting my FR :) I hope you are well - we need to catch up sometime :) xx


Thanks for being my friend.

Check out my first prize entry and let me know if you think I've got what it takes.


Congrats and thanks so much for your first zivity set Roxy...
See you very soon
Kiss from France (or French kiss, as you wish^^)