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 Essen, Germany and Los Angeles, CA

First set up NOW!!!

☢I'm Rayden.
☢I live in Essen, Germany, but am in LA until Spring 2014.
☢I'm a funny person, strange even.
☢A marine biology major.
☢DRxCA = ♥
☢I'd rather lose friends by being myself than make friends for being who I'm not.
☢I'm a DJ who plays music for the dead.
☢I'm fascinated with taxidermy.
☢I'm a very spiritual person.
☢I love to create; music, images, words.
☢I have a fascination with cephalopods.
☢I act can stupid, bitchy, and immature at times. In reality, I'm quite the opposite.
☢I am nocturnal in the most inconvenient way possible.
☢My favorite colors are green purple.
☢I dance.
☢Music is my life.
☢Gummy sharks are god!
☢You will rarely see me without a Red Bull in my hand.
☢They call me "Vodka Girl" for a damn good reason.
☢I can't leave home without my cellphone.
☢I have fairly noticeable OCD.
☢I swear I should've been born in the 70's.
☢I have a love for all things cute, cuddly, and dead.
☢I speak some Romanian and Latin.
☢I almost went to medical school.
☢I have a horrible fear of spiders, stained glass, and domed ceilings.
☢I love snails.
☢I hate liars and hypocrites.
☢I'm random.
☢I have a sick sense of humor.
☢I twitch a lot.
☢I'm obsessed with tea of all kinds.
You'll discover more as we go along.

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Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! Your first set is awesome!!