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About Me

I'm 38 and I feel like the last 20 years barely really happened.

I'm a youthful and creative person, drawing since was I a kid.

6'1" / 1,85cm , light brown hair and eyes. A big but not-too-big fella.

Love tattoos and beautiful girls (who doesn't? oh, it seems that LOTS of dudes do not anymore. go wonder.)

Proudly wear 4 tattoos, one is almost always visible.
It's on my left biceps.

Did Advertising college, MBA, became an entrepeneur for 8 years and then a teacher (since 2002).

Now I am the Creative Director of an young and bright advertising agency... ;D

On my spare time I like to make and see art.

(I won't mention sex 'cause it would be redundant)

I paint, draw, hear lots of metal from Metallica to Tool and Gojira, play the guitar a little (priess2 and tentonmantra @ myspace).

Always been around friends with bands. Did their logos, CD sleeves and such. Love music environment and "industry".

I'm the voluntary brazilian webmaster for the band called Anthrax. \m/ www.anthrax.com.br

Also love Photography which I began as hobby (and still is - same cam) in 2008 after a trip to the USA (I worked at the NAMM trade fair).

I like to take pictures of bands of friends of mine, nature, love to experiment with light painting... well, it's another tool for visual arts, so I love it all.

I haven't shot people. :( Like, in a set. Would love to.

I also like comics (used to make my own fanzines), movies (watch "O Impostor" on Yahoo videos), concerts, festivals, bars with friends, house parties... not into heavy drugs though.

I prefer myself in control.
Relaxed maybe but aware.

I believe a lot in Astrology.
I 'm a scorpio. With Sagittarius ascending. (always been around sagittarius people, my best friends usually are from this sign). You can ask me more, I'd love to.

I live in the southern and more european part of Brazil, state of Santa Catarina, hometown of the 2nd biggest Oktoberfest in the world. It's also the 2nd brazilian biggest party, second only to the almighty Carnival.

It's 17 fkn days of multi-brand bier (actually it's chopp) drunkness (mostly on the weekends but you get the picture).

Wanna come here next October? I may Surf Couch you.

So I said I like heavy metal a lot? lol

Yes I have a plan for this middle year 2011: EUROPEAN METAL FESTIVALS.

Probably Sweden Rock, Hellfest, Graspop and maybe the Big 4 in UK.

I have places to stay in the UK, Belgium. hm, I guess that's it. Oh and Germany but Waken is not actually on the route this year.

I'll be in Europe around June / July with two (girl) friends and I would like to meet other people from abroad so we can spend some quality time on the European soil.

Hope to meet some of you in person. Seriously. Like I said before I even have a profile on Couch Surfing, I'm a nice person. ;D lol

Is this "about me" actually this long? Does anyone read it? Hope so...

Anyway... take a look at my profile, I'm starting to master the art of profile building and soon this one will be filled with the same pics I have on other Social Networks. lol

Oh... I have a sense of humour. And it tends to drive me and some people don't "get" me. So if I say something rude or too direct I'm probably just teasing. Or not. Got it?

But overall and personally, seriously, I'm very shy and quiet.

Well, unless you got me going or have got close too much. ;)


Creative Director @ Advertising Agency



My Hometown


Favorite Books

Dictionary, Draw!, Dalai Lama's

My Superpower

Too kinky to tell

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Posted on 02/09/2011 by PPriess   
Hey some links at the TOP of the page. Better huh?

I'd like to meet people from Europe... I'll be on a trip in June and Couch Surfing would be good.


  • Posted on 02/15/2011 by SabrinaSin   
    I am from Texas! Not a huge fan of Pantera, but have too appreciate them =)

  • Posted on 02/12/2011 by nikkiperdida   
    i suppose i do sorta like metal :-)

    just depends on what it is! i take it you do?
    pleased to meet you :-D

  • Posted on 02/09/2011 by PPriess   
    I signed up for 3 months so get in touch!

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