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 Kansas City, KS

stoked to have a new noteworthy set, Super Fun Play Time! !!!!!

I am a freelance alternative model based out of Kansas City. I have a back tattoo of lotus flowers, cherry blossoms, and tribal, as well as a floral w/ tribal tattoo on my foot. I'm excited to start my next tattoo on my hip/side! I have pierced nipples, triple pierced ears, and I'm considering piercing my belly button.. again... first time didn't work out so well. Ha! Well, we'll see! I love bright colors, dark nights, and electronic music. I'm a raver, a burner, a dancer, a slowly learning dj, an artist, a nerd, a gamer, and the happy mother of two adorkable bunnies (Mitsy and Boogar- he's the best one I ever picked!) and I apparently have a bird rescue now, too! I have a Quaker parrot that hates everyone but me (Sweetpea), a lesbian love bird that thinks she's gangster (Easter Peep, aka EZ-P) and her mate a budgie (Cami) as well as Cami's originally intended mate (Bowser!). I love my animals and take pride in their happiness and spoiling... I also find time to spoil myself, too! Oh, and I play Dungeons and Dragons every Sunday! During the week I'm a student studying Sociololgy, Anthropology, and Classical and Ancient Studies. If you want to know more... feel free to ask! ;) <3

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SUPER FUN PLAY TIME IS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooo! Ironically, when this set was shot we were discussing exactly, precisely, the theme of the contest it is now entered into! ;) Wild, right? Singles Awareness Day, a day I despise pretty much every year from the beginning of time until the end of eternity... We were discussing how being single is no big deal what with video games, comic books, and action figures. Hehehee! Scope it out and give it a vote or two if you feel like it! We are still discussing incentives and how they will be handled!

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Thanks for accepting my friendship, MsMadilynnMinx!! >^+^<


Hello you gorgeous genius, how goes things? Hit me up, and not just cuz you're rockin the vibe of my favorite Galactica character ;)


Excited to announce a new set or two due out soon!! Hitman Photography and I did some cute playful shoots a while back I thought he forgot all about! Are you as excited as I am??? ;)