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About Me

I've been living in Leavenworth Wa for 7 years, I think this site will help me meet photographers, experienced models MUAs ect. And help me pursue modeling, since Leavenworth is too small to get far with modeling.
I have my own online business selling French glassware and gifts...it's my other passion. I'm very interested in Modeling but I want to have a career as well.
I've done a few photo shoots with photographers in this area, they have all mentioned to look more into modeling and I think I do have what it takes to be a good model but I’m not very experienced but I’m constantly moving forward and gaining a better respect and anticipation in the art of modeling.
About me, Im a very outspoken with my opinions, I'm not the shy type of girl, I can say I’m very outgoing and easy to get along with. In my free time I like going out with my friends, hanging with my family and having fun in general.
I watch my diet and workout when time allows.

I will accept TFP/TFCD with exceptional photographers who can and will push my experience to a higher level. Swimsuit not a problem but would love to work with experienced MUAs and higher fashion


Website Owner


Leavenworth, Wa

My Hometown

Bainbridge Island, Wa

My Superpower

Xray eyes

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    Happy V-Day!! Any fun plans??

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    heya hun thanx for being a friend :)

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    Will we be seeing any sets from you?

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    I'm fantastic thanks

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    Hi Hun, thanks 4 accepting my FR

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    How are you beautiful?

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    Hi new friend :)

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