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  • Posted on 02/11/2014 by MelModel   
    Any photo sets you want to post that we did feel free!... Or we can always shoot again too!

  • Posted on 02/11/2014 by Letsinia   
    Thank you for accepting my friend request! ^_^

  • Posted on 09/14/2012 by adrian_louise   
    Yay for new friends! ^_^

  • Posted on 06/01/2012 by Nile   
    Thank you sooo much for the love on my Truck Stop set :) I hope you have a fantastic weekend :))

  • Posted on 04/08/2012 by Nile   
    Hello new friend and new fan! Thanks so much for the love on LuchadorJebus :) I look forward to seeing your work:)

  • Posted on 03/14/2012 by Ivy88   
    if you want to use our photos as a set feel free! I can help you set it all up if you need :)

  • Posted on 03/14/2012 by DKProPhoto   
    Thanks! I appreciate that. All I need to do is email a copy of the master photog agreemant and then upload a zip with pics, right? Or is there another step since this will be my first set of pics?

  • Posted on 03/18/2012 by Ivy88   
    Yeah, and the w9 as well. :)

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