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Bio : Photographer's daughter, Comtesse Lea began modeling and photo editing at 16 years old. She quickly felt good in the pinup and dark world, in harmony with oneself, a smooth picture of somehow perfect women doubled with revolutionary women that break the limits of the suitability.
Thereafter, she began makeup and hairstyling. At 20 years old, she started performing in burlesque and fetish shows. That allows her to express herself much more than only using still images. Nowadays, these shows are a mix of burlesque, belly dance, contemporary ethnic dance, and shibari and also fakir performances !
Her fetish love of pinup corsets and lingeries push herself to go further in her research about books, vintage clothes and even creates its own show and photoshoot costumes and also everyday outfit.
Now she's became a photographer to make the makeover like main activity and make selfprotrait to be free to express her art!

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hi, thanks for accepting my FR! your sets are amazing! <3


Merci pour l'invite, c'est chouette de te retrouver ici. Je te souhaite une avalanche de votes :)


Bravo for you new work!