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  • Posted on 08/14/2014 by zerotia   
    thanks for the add, how are you?

  • Posted on 08/01/2012 by adrian_louise   
    Woohoo! I love making new friends. Come say hi and get acquainted with me, won't you? ^_^

  • Posted on 02/28/2012 by Gwendolyn   
    Ok, here it is. My entry into the Commando contest, Panty Dropper. I just got home from shopping for new outfits and props for my sexiest bonus video and self shot set yet which I'm shooting tonight. No one should miss this. 10 votes gets all bonus pics. 30 gets the video ;)

  • Posted on 02/23/2012 by Sexy_Maria   
    Hello new friend! Thanks for adding me.

  • Posted on 01/21/2012 by Gwendolyn   
    Hey you! I invite you to come check out my newest set Dangerous Curves Ahead. It's in the But Sir contest and a really cool homage to my ass! lol
    10 votes gets all bonus photos.
    20 gets bonus photos from 3 sets of your choice!
    Don't miss out ;)


  • Posted on 12/17/2011 by Carole_Lyne   
    thx for your FR xoxoxo

  • Posted on 12/15/2011 by RazorCandi   
    Thanks for the add and kind words about my style and profile image, very glad you like <3

  • Posted on 12/14/2011 by Gwendolyn   
    Hey, thanks for being my friend and welcome to zivity! Be sure to check out my Holiday set:


  • Posted on 12/13/2011 by bitten   
    thanks for accepting my friend request :)

  • Posted on 12/13/2011 by Kealani   
    Hi, thanks for accepting my request! :)

  • Posted on 12/12/2011 by LaBelleFille   
    I'll keep that in mind....make a visit in the summer :) I'm not much enjoying the cold either.

  • Posted on 12/12/2011 by LaBelleFille   
    Heya hun thanx for being a friend :) How are you this evening?

  • Posted on 12/10/2011 by JennyRose   
    Hey you! Thanks for the add, of course you can be my friend!!! You saw me in the Newsletter, that's awesome! Hope ya like my sets,if you need any help with th site, askkkk! I can help!

  • Posted on 12/05/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Welcome to Zivity! Great to meet you. Hope you are having a good day.

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