Blackwolfninja89 is Models and Photographers. Starting November I will not be voting until further notice. I'll be moving and unemployed soon. :(





About Me

Just a normal guy from NY. I can be flirtatious at times but hey I'm human and i'm single :)
I love to chat and I love to help out models when I have the money for it :)
send a message and send my incentives here
[email protected]
Also for the current and future model/photographers that have added me or will add me please read this. I don't want to sound like an asshole and I know that a lot models are busy and have important things going on aside from zivity but when I vote on one of your sets PLEASE give me the content like you promise and I want what I paid for. Also please do it in a reasonable timeframe. I usually give the models the benefit of the doubt and i give them another chance but if this going to be a constant issue with you then you will not receive anymore of my votes. Buying them can get expensive at times and I don't like to be cheated and screwed over for my generosity especially when it's money I can't get back and that is unacceptable. As fans we're not obligated to vote on your sets, we choose to because we like to support you and we will continue to do so if you treat as well as we treat you. This is not directed towards all of you lovely models because 90% of you always give them to me immediately :) this is towards some of the more shadier ones. Also please don't beg me for votes I try to vote as much as I can but I'm not made of money and the job I have doesn't pay much. Now that i said all that feel free to add and chat with me :). Best way to get my votes is to interact with me :)


Works in retail


New York

My Hometown

New York

Favorite Music

whatever sounds good :)

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