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  • Posted on 12/19/2011 by Gwendolyn   
    Have I been naughty or nice this year? Well why don't you come find out! 10 votes gets all the bonus images and 25 gets you a video. Then you can be the judge ;)


  • Posted on 02/13/2011 by islabelle   
    Hello, lovely new friend! I hope to see a lot more of you around here!

  • Posted on 02/11/2011 by MissMercy   
    Thanks for the friend request. I hope you liked my sets. =)


  • Posted on 02/11/2011 by adrian_louise   
    hello there new friend! cheers! =]

  • Posted on 02/10/2011 by CSDewittPhotography   
    Thanks for the Friend Request.... I look forward to seeing you and your photos....

  • Posted on 02/08/2011 by Viking   
    hey! thanks for the FR. hope you're doing well! :D

  • Posted on 02/07/2011 by Summer   
    I hope you enjoyed my sets. Thank you for taking the time to add me as a friend :)

  • Posted on 02/02/2011 by Kitty me-ow Mcmuffin   
    please do!

  • Posted on 02/01/2011 by Kealani   
    Thanks for the friend request! :)

  • Posted on 01/31/2011 by Sharuzen   
    Thanks for FR! :)

  • Posted on 01/30/2011 by winstonnilesrumfoord   
    Thanks for the FR. Enjoy the site!

  • Posted on 01/30/2011 by MistyAngel   
    Thank you for the fr! More sets to come!

  • Posted on 01/30/2011 by justice91423   
    Thanks for friending me. I hope you dig my sets.


  • Posted on 01/22/2011 by TameBabyParrots   
    How have you been? I took a break for awhile but I'm back with new models for you. The first is Cassie, a lovely redhead. I'd love it if you came by and let me know what you think:

  • Posted on 01/18/2011 by LunaDelFuego   
    Thanks for being a Zivity friend!

  • Posted on 01/11/2011 by Habana   
    hey, thanks for being a new friend!!!!

  • Posted on 01/10/2011 by PJPaints   
    Hi new friend welcome to the site--I hope you enjoy it!
    <3 PJ

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