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  • Posted on 08/02/2015 by Madison_Rexx   
    Hey there new friend! Nice to meet you :)

  • Posted on 12/07/2014 by bexh   
    Helllloooo there xx

  • Posted on 10/13/2014 by bexh   
    Love the status ๐Ÿ˜

  • Posted on 10/13/2014 by Bdizzle   
    Thanks me too. How are you?

  • Posted on 10/09/2014 by LaBelleFille   
    Hey hun thank you for being a friend!! How are you liking the site??

  • Posted on 06/18/2014 by justice91423   
    Hey there
    I have four new sets up this week. I was hopping you would check them out.

    They are...
    RCP: Rayde

    What A Trooper

    RCP: Mia

    And RCP: lolitalu

    Let me know what you think.


  • Posted on 02/14/2014 by justice91423   
    Hey there

    I just wanted to let you know there is a bunch of new stuff in my store. I hope you'll come check it out.

  • Posted on 01/30/2014 by sobootyful   
    Thanks for your friendship! I hope you've been enjoying my work with some of the lovely dolls here!!

  • Posted on 01/31/2014 by Bdizzle   
    Yup yup you work with some gorgeous women

  • Posted on 01/31/2014 by sobootyful   
    Thanks! I'm a lucky girl!! ;)

  • Posted on 01/24/2014 by EnglishBabs   
    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  • Posted on 01/21/2014 by EnglishBabs   
    How are you today? Thank you for accepting my friend request.

  • Posted on 01/21/2014 by Bdizzle   
    I'm good just working my butt off. How about u??

  • Posted on 01/21/2014 by EnglishBabs   
    I have been working hard today too, doing stock audits at 3 supermarkets. Looking forward to going to my circuit training class this evening.Hope the rest of your day will go well.

  • Posted on 01/20/2014 by EnglishBabs   
    Good to meet you! I hope you are having a great Monday. I love your Zivity name, btw.

  • Posted on 01/18/2014 by Bdizzle   
    I had an amazing Friday how about you beautiful?

  • Posted on 01/21/2014 by Bdizzle   
    Good to hear. Busy is good right gotta make that money..

  • Posted on 12/30/2013 by MaryCeleste   
    thanks for friending! check out my set in the new model contest!

  • Posted on 06/22/2013 by Eleanor   
    Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! :) If you have a moment I would love to know what you think of my sets!

  • Posted on 05/16/2013 by zerotia   
    Hi new friend :)

  • Posted on 02/28/2013 by Sexy_Maria   
    How are you??? Thank you for the kind words!! You're awesome!!

  • Posted on 02/21/2013 by Sexy_Maria   
    Hi there new friend!! <3

Zivity loves you too.