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About Me

Hardcore metal Hippie,

Love the jungle, hate the rain.

worship the sun, can't stand to be in it.

Organic, adrenalin junky, swingin' from the ceiling with a passion for life!

Semper Fidelis. FTW

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I like to think im a lil adventurous, a lil crazy, a lil eccentric.. Perhaps a lil dark, in a good way! I also like to think i have a good sense of humour, and have the qualities to make and keep friends. I live for my son, I live for my fiancée, I live for my family and friends. I live for the land, the mountains, the flora & fauna, the soil, the ocean, rivers and skies. Without them my being would be pointless, meaningless perhaps even worthless. Be good to Mummii Nature and she will be good to you.

I am an adrenalin junky. I like boys toys, I like mud, I like rainforests, I like waterfalls, I like the stars, I like fire, I live for music *metal all the way* I like explosives, I like waterslides, I like high speeds, I like hiking, I like art, I like sculpture, I like my creature comforts, I like mythology, I like tattoo's and the pain that goes with it, I like strength and courage, I like dicipline, I like confidence, I like freedom, I like martial arts, I like the things I like because I like them alot.

You wont pin me down, I am free VERY free spirited, You wont weigh me down, I take in what I want when I want and when I need it. You wont catch me for I have wings. I have no tollerance for arrogance, you wont waste my time.

I am not looking for love, as I am surrounded by it, the love from my Fiancée, my son, my family & friends, and the rainforests that I endulge in frequently are plentiful of it.


Artist & self proclaimed ninja



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Scary stuff oh and Avatar

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PMA books

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NINJA POWERS! Ninja in a half shell! Angrii Midget

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Posted on 08/16/2011 by AngriiMidgetNinja   
Life's your's so grab it by the balls!

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