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I live aboard my sailboat S/v China Cat, which I am still in the process of refitting with the comforts of home.. its a little bit like camping all the time.
I finally graduated from college, and I want to become a yoga teacher, sail South and start a retreat in the islands.
Send me a message, I'm a little shy at first ...





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  • Posted on 03/10/2014 by Sassie   
    hello there, thanks for accepting my FR!

  • Posted on 01/26/2014 by RiannNova   
    How was your weekend?? Keeping warm if you got a ton of snow like we did?? If not, Maybe this set will help warm you up!!
    My Newest Set: "What the Babysitter Found" is mine and Cladonia's newest sexy collaboration!! And it is in for the Bookworm Prize! See what naughty things the babysitter found after she put the kids to bed.. ;-)

  • Posted on 12/24/2013 by sobootyful   
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! Great set with Tmronin!! xoxo

  • Posted on 11/10/2013 by pdxexotic   
    Thank you very much for accepting my friend request! You've got some great sets!!

  • Posted on 11/23/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    thank you so much, check out my brand new one!

  • Posted on 11/04/2013 by TygerGreenleaf   
    Thank you for accepting my friendship!

  • Posted on 09/24/2013 by Gareth31   
    happy 4th anniversary between you and your cattle :)

  • Posted on 09/06/2013 by Acey Heart   
    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  • Posted on 08/16/2013 by syntheticshadows   
    Thanks, lovely lady!

  • Posted on 08/16/2013 by sobootyful   
    Your new bath set is beautiful!!!! xoxo

  • Posted on 08/19/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    thanks boo! my friend save all the daisies from a party especially for us, i loved it!

  • Posted on 08/15/2013 by Zebrah   
    love your profile picture

  • Posted on 08/14/2013 by ashphoto   
    Thanks for the FR. I like your Nietzsche' set!

  • Posted on 08/09/2013 by minuitstorm   
    Thank you for the friend request! Your sets are lovely!

  • Posted on 08/14/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    thank you love!!

  • Posted on 08/19/2013 by minuitstorm   
    Anytime dear!

  • Posted on 08/07/2013 by Shakikai   
    Hello new friend!

  • Posted on 08/14/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    hey there beautiful :)

  • Posted on 08/14/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    ;) thanks babe

  • Posted on 08/01/2013 by AlmaLibre   
    hello!thank you for your friend request! :)

  • Posted on 07/31/2013 by Avonelle   
    Thank you for accepting my friend request! I hope you are having a beautiful week, filled with wonder and adventures and art and joy and soooooo many smiles! <3

  • Posted on 07/30/2013 by Acey Heart   
    I love 'a girl and her sailboat', really beautiful!

  • Posted on 07/30/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    thank you girl. shot in my home sweet home, a 1977 Catalina 30T. been on board for almost 2 years and seriously, it was a life changing move. dont think i could ever go back!!

  • Posted on 08/01/2013 by Acey Heart   
    I love boats, I love sailing on the SF Bay. <3

  • Posted on 07/25/2013 by TheHowling67   
    Thanks for adding me as a friend =) Your sets are amazing - especially the light & colors in your Eventide set!!! Andreas xoxo

  • Posted on 07/28/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    thank you so much and thanks for voting!

  • Posted on 07/24/2013 by tmronin   
    love the new set! i'm heading to NC/SC in mid-august if you are around.

  • Posted on 07/24/2013 by batmannerd23   
    Hello thank you for accepting my FR.
    I am Ryan
    very beautiful sets you have. I look forward to more sets to come.
    so how are you today?

  • Posted on 07/23/2013 by Matt1   
    Thanks for the request. x

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    all american!!!

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by TwistedAngel108   
    Thanks for the friend request. Cool sets!

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by witchartist   
    Thanks for being friends here. I love your work and you are gorgeous! Good luck here. <3

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    thank you xo

  • Posted on 07/21/2013 by winstonnilesrumfoord   
    Thanks for the FR, Lovely Work!

  • Posted on 07/20/2013 by Marc Castro   
    Yay for new friend! Thanks for the FR! Love your sets! So HOT!

  • Posted on 07/20/2013 by Zebrah   
    your new set s to die for

  • Posted on 07/20/2013 by witchartist   
    Thanks for being friends here...good luck! Your work is beautiful and you are lovely!

  • Posted on 07/20/2013 by NeoGeo   
    You are absolutely perfect! Thanks for the FR!

  • Posted on 07/20/2013 by Copernicus   
    Thanks for the FR! I'm around Hot-lanta too. There's so much beauty here.

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    well i spent my first 18 years raising hell in atlanta, particularly little 5 points. i live in Charleston now, since I came to college here

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by Copernicus   
    I almost moved to the Charleston area a few years back, Mt. Pleasant.

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    you should have.... we are the best city in the world. Seriously! 2 years running!

  • Posted on 07/19/2013 by EatDancePray   
    FR accepted. Nice work. I'm from Jamaica so when you're ready to sail to the islands let me know! :)

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    oh hell yeah! it will be a few years before i can afford a boat to travel overseas on. right now im on a catalina 30, which although it is a perfect liveaboard and harbor booze cruise mobile, isnt built for oceangoing currents...

  • Posted on 07/22/2013 by EatDancePray   
    Harbor cruising sounds like fun! I'm all in — camera in hand of course! :)

  • Posted on 07/19/2013 by MIssCrimsonRush   
    Hey new friend! Thanks for the friend request! You are gorgeous! ^_^

  • Posted on 07/19/2013 by Manchester   
    beautiful work!

  • Posted on 07/19/2013 by sobootyful   
    Diamonds and Pearls is divine.

  • Posted on 07/19/2013 by WDH   
    I am honored to be added to your friends.

  • Posted on 07/18/2013 by Ott-GearHead   
    Thanks for the friend request. You have some incredible sets so far

  • Posted on 07/18/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Hey Adrianna, Thanks for the friend request :) Of course I'll take a look at your set in the new model contest. Hopefully you'll take a look at the set I shot for that contest too. It's called "Hula Hoop Happiness" and is with my friend ParkerVines. :)
    Welcome to Zivity!

  • Posted on 07/18/2013 by JBHstudios   
    Thanks for the friending!

  • Posted on 07/18/2013 by BoldDaniel   
    Thanks for the FR

  • Posted on 07/18/2013 by JaiDaMann   
    Thanks for the FR...

  • Posted on 07/15/2013 by Eleanor   
    Thanks so much for the friend request!

  • Posted on 07/13/2013 by sobootyful   
    Trim is gorgeous, love it!!

  • Posted on 07/12/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    oh yes I have to stay on the coast.. I get stir crazy and anxious if I am away for too long

  • Posted on 07/11/2013 by ChristyLynn   
    You are stunning! Love your sets!

  • Posted on 07/07/2013 by Teva   
    Thank you for the friend request, I hope your weekend is going well :)

  • Posted on 07/02/2013 by Titan Moon   
    Hey! Thanks for the add. Dirk is so amazing, can't wait to see your first set!!

  • Posted on 07/03/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    Right. I'm so stoked my friend introduced us when he moved to Charleston

  • Posted on 06/28/2013 by Krypto33   
    Thanks for the friend request and welcome to Zivity. Hope you enjoy your time here ;)

  • Posted on 06/28/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    Girl stop I am totally part cat lol. Get excited I've got a cool feline set in tha works

  • Posted on 06/27/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    You're welcome. That shot is from one of a few upcoming sets

  • Posted on 06/28/2013 by AdriannaDaydream   
    As soon as my paperwork clears

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