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by cannibalized


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“Myself and Rachel Dashae with our fun pal Matt Ravenswood did a couple of shoots of Rachel on this day. Rachel is such a sweet girl. If you know her, you know she is petite, as beautiful long hair, perfect skin, and the prettiest green eyes! Well I have a small coffee table that opens up, so I took the legs off of it, and used it as a makeshift "coffin". I didn't want anything "morbid". Just a pretty sleeping angel vamp, who is suddenly awoken. We all respected her and her beautiful body and felt it unnecessary to show anything off. It is a very short narrative, but tells the very beginning of a story, in which the viewer can only imagine what would happen at the end.. if you happened to be the one to have opened the "casket"! The necklace is a real skull. Found in the woods. I would never harm an animal. I love animals. ”



The Climb

featuring RachelDashae


Star Panties

featuring RachelDashae


Sitting Pretty

featuring RachelDashae


Sunday Mornin' Blues

featuring RachelDashae


The Secret Window

featuring ligeia


Marie V - Windblown

featuring MarieV

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