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in Heart Shaped Box (15 photos)

by DastardlyDave


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“Elegy visited from Sweden and made the rounds of lots of the top alt photographers in a whirlwind tour of the US. I felt honored to be included in the list. I had started a weird Twitter conversation with Travis of Shear Terror Hair Design about vagazzles and merkin's and whether he had the skill to make them. When he arrived he laid out his plan to shoot a series of merkin's with models we had agreed to work with. We recruited one of my favorite makeup artists Nikki Noir to join us on this shenanigan and once the first edit was done we dubbed this set Heart Shaped Box.”



Oh La La

featuring ElegyEllem


Black Harness

featuring ElegyEllem


Strip it off and Strap In

featuring ElegyEllem


in lace she enchants you

featuring Teva


Bex at Hallam Mill

featuring bexmcr


Delilah's Redemption

featuring Delilah Darlin