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in Sun Salutations (38 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“the funny thing about the PJs contest is that so many of us don't really sleep in them. And that doesn't mean they sleep in elaborate teddies and garter belts either. Most women I know just flop down in bed in whatever they have on at worst or at best strip down naked and go to sleep, waking up wearing nothing but the morning sun. I wanted to present that idea and asked my newest model, harajukubarbie to help me do that. We shot this in her actual bedroom soon after she actually woke up. I love this set. It shows that sexy is simple and natural. Romantic and fun. Please help me welcome my newest model.”



Get Ready, Shoot!

featuring harajukubarbie


What to wear?

featuring harajukubarbie


The ruby reveals itself

featuring Lavish



featuring CaseyMcG


In the middle of the night

featuring Sirithil


The leaves that eddy down

featuring MaryCeleste