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in They haven't built a circuit that could hold her! (14 photos)

by JBHstudios


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“First, yes the background is 240 CDs glued and strung together. Second, yes I danced around behind Jessica like a demented elf for the time-exposure light effects. (Trooper that she is, Jessica managed to keep a straight face and hold still while I pranced and gambled like a spastic ballerina). Third, it’s fun to airbrush models (except for the inhaling the fluorescent paint and then having glowing nose hairs in the black light. Embarrassing!). Fourth, Jessica didn’t wash the paint off after and went to her gym with it on. Fifth, bleep, blorp! TRON! ”



Barefoot bunny ears

featuring GoldieLynn


Pinky's Roadtrip

featuring GoldieLynn


Skirt Flirt

featuring GoldieLynn


Wish they all could be California girls

featuring GoldieLynn


toys in the attic

featuring Bear


Mel Ana

featuring Melana