in MENSA Bulletin - Swimsuit Edition (44 photos)

by chrismaverick


“I love when i get a chance to meet new people from Zivity. It's always cool to get to hang out with someone that you've only known online. This shoot was put together with almost no notice. I was on vacation at the beach in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, and I happened to sign into the Zivity chat room one night and mention that. Nfern was in there and remarked that I was only about an hour away from where she lives. "You should come down and shoot tomorrow." I said. And surprisingly she agreed. I had my camera with me and some base lighting equipment but not really as much as I normally like to have for a shoot. But nonetheless I think it turned out great. We went shopping when she got there, and I had a chance to hang out with her and her husband and I saw the t-shirt she's wearing in a beachwear shop. I had to have it. Once she saw me with it, she wanted to use it in the shoot. That's where the concept came from. Let's say you're a (fucking) genius and you go to the beach. What's that like? A mix of nerd and hottie is the answer if you're Nfern. And delightful all the way.”



Black, White, and Green

featuring nfern


Summer Storm

featuring nfern


Pumpkin Fucker

featuring nfern



featuring nfern


Bedtime Stories

featuring shannon_boothby


Athabasca Glacier

featuring Meeshkah69