in Sewer Rat (21 photos)

by chrismaverick


“Sometimes things just click. Trix and I were both part of a big group shootout. We had a shoot planned for the evening, But there was a moment between other shoots I had scheduled when she happened to have a moment free as well. She walked up to be in an outfit she'd dug out of the wardrobe people's collections and with her makeup done all crazy and says "lets go do something." Perfect! As for the location, well, it's not really a sewer. Well, not exactly. The studio we were shooting at, has a section of the basement where the pipes are broken and dug up. The photographer who owns the building wants to get it fixed, but all the other photographers who shoot there (myself included) won't let him. Hopefully you can see why.”



Christmas "Tricks"

featuring Trix


Movie Night

featuring Trix


P.S. Zivity, I <3 You

featuring Trix


Please don't try this at home...

featuring Trix


Red Hair, Black Heart

featuring Vera Baby


Keep it Simple

featuring JessPanther