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in Suttonhood of the Traveling Pants (43 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“I love meeting new models through Zivity. Lady Sutton is the third that I've met THROUGH the site (as opposed to working with from somewhere else but also knowing on the site). Wonderful way we met too. She wrote me and said "Hey, I'm coming through town. Want to shoot with me?" I'm glad she did. She's a lot of fun. She knew she wanted to wear her favorite jeans for the blue jeans contest, but really had nothing else in mind. We brainstormed and came up with the idea of shooting her as a drifter, wandering through town. One of my favorite images, I'm reminded of Bill Bixby walking along the track in the old Incredible Hulk TV show. And for added effect, I figured we'd process only the jeans in color to make them take center stage. Why? Because I do so love the 80s.”



Ice Queen

featuring LadySutton


Her Magic Box

featuring LadySutton


Lady in Red

featuring LadySutton


The Setting Sun

featuring TheAriDee


Argyle Socks

featuring NejRose


The Jungle

featuring MissKacieMarie