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in Maroon Exhibition (40 photos)

by KidLiquorus


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“This was my first time meeting Rachel. After randomly stumbling upon a mysteriously placed maroon couch set outside against the back wall of a department store a few days before, I couldn't pass up using it as a setting for a fun little photo shoot. Rachel, not being the least bit shy, had no problem working her modeling mojo out in public in nothing but her undies, with the occasional employee driving by as they left work. It's hard to see in the photos, but we were rushing to try and beat a huge thunderstorm rolling in any minute, which actually started pouring down on us after a few minutes of shooting, forcing us to call it quits sooner than we had planned, but we got some great shots in, regardless. ”


Rachelhatchet27-jpatrickphotographer-81113-2-420x420 one true love!

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The Jungle

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Hex in ruins

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Elizabeth Bathory

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Cabrillo National Monument

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