in Bringing Down the House (32 photos)

by davparkphotos


“This is the first set of many to come with myBerenika. She is one of the best posing modes you will ever come across. We had been wanting to shoot at this burned radio station out in the Everglades for some time. Of course we got a little bit of a late start that morning, and we stopped to watch (and photograph) these hot air balloons taking off. By the time we got to the location the sun was already up higher than I would normally like to shoot outdoors. It made for some challenging lighting, dark interior, bright South Florida Sun streaming through the doorways and holes in the roof. So I started bracketing all my shots, shooting each shot at what looked to be correct exposure, then under exposing an image, then over exposing an image. And the net result was what you see here, beautiful myBerenika in all her glory. Hope you enjoy!!”



Tree Hugging Beauty

featuring myBerenika


Lonely Hotel

featuring myBerenika


Thanks BP! Top Kill

featuring myBerenika


Poisson lumineux

featuring Milky


Eidyia American Flag Bikini

featuring eidyia


Her first set!

featuring MissLove478