in Office Inspiration (43 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“Yi has been waiting patiently for her first set at Zivity to go live, but I think the suspense has been killing her. In the weeks since she first got set up with Zivity, she's become absolutely addicted. Checking out the site. Looking at photos. Making over 200 friends, even though her first set hasn't even gone live yet. She had been checking out the contests, and the suits and stockings one really sang to her. I guess she just found the concept really inspiring. It looks like it anyway.”



Guitar Girl

featuring essenseofyi


Vanities and Bunny Rabbits

featuring essenseofyi


Kool Aid

featuring essenseofyi


Sweet Seduction

featuring malliekat


Scarlet Rose

featuring malliekat


After Dance

featuring LolaAgnosia

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