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by chrismaverick


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“Trixie and I are professional wrestlers. That's actually where I met her. It's one of the coolest jobs in the world. When the "What I wanted to be" contest came up, it took about two seconds to realize that we had to do a set for it. We shot this in the secret training facility that a friend of ours owns. The unglamorous side of pro-wrestling is that it's dark and dirty and dingy a lot. It was 8 degrees this day, and the facility has no heat. So the last thing you really want to do is roll around on a cold mat in spandex. But hey, if you love something, like wrestling or modeling, you make sacrifices. I wanted to do something different here to really capture the dark, fight clubish feel of wrestling training. Everything about this set is a changeover from how I normally do things, from the lighting to the processing. I threw glamour out the window and went for cold, grainy and raw! Personally I find it beautiful none the less. I hope you agree.”



Christmas "Tricks"

featuring Trix


Movie Night

featuring Trix


P.S. Zivity, I <3 You

featuring Trix


Born in the wild

featuring DaniF


Dark Light Shine

featuring Juliawerecat


Dreamlike afternoon

featuring ElyArt