in Behind the Big Rock (38 photos)

by Rich Cirminello


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“Gotta love microclimates. Believing it was probably our last opportunity of the year, Riely and I decided to take advantage of a late fall heat wave and try and squeeze in a photo shoot on the beach. While in the valley the temperatures soared to almost 90ยบ, on the beach it was a completely different story: overcast and upper 50s with a chilling wind. Wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt, I suggested to Riely that we cancel or bring the shoot indoors, but she was brave and determined to stick it out. We shot on the ocean side before sunset (look for that set, as well) before finally moving inland on the other side of a large rock formation. Finally out of the wind, Riely was able to relax a bit, but we had another problem: the sun was setting and there was very little daylight left. Fortunately, I brought a studio strobe with a large softbox, battery pack, and perhaps most important of all, an assistant and a flashlight. With virtually no natural light left, my assistant lit Riely's face with the flashlight so that I had enough light to focus; he also helped by sandbagging the strobe. The results: this great set staring the beautiful Riely shot behind the rock formation on a chilly fall evening. Enjoy.”

Rich Cirminello


Sunny Day

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Beautiful Blue Eyes

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Red Riely

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Melissa in the hotel

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In Bloom

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The Bath

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