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in The Tiniest Hotel in Brooklyn (20 photos)

by DastardlyDave


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“So on my way back from Philly I stopped in Brooklyn to see my old friend Calamity. I had gotten a hotel room on a recommendation from Steve Prue and as her roommates were home, we decided to shoot a set or two at the hotel. Well it turns out that I had rented the smallest frigging hotel room ever. While we were shooting the set Asphyxia and Mitch from Burning Angel stopped by to visit and my buddy Matt was there. So were were all asses to elbows in this tiny room trying to shoot a set. Calamity rocked it and ended up climbing all over the furniture!”



Treasure Chest

featuring Calamity


Darling House Visit

featuring Calamity


Santalope Must Die

featuring Calamity


Horned Frog Road

featuring ashleymichellexo


Punk Rock Puss in Boots

featuring feliscattus


Neon Electric

featuring Sassie