in Sunday Morning (15 photos)

by studiosoftlight


“This set happened as a kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing. We were actually preparing to shoot a different set and Vyl8 was trying to curl her hair. I suggested we shoot her in the curlers. Well, it somehow developed that it would be a routine of someone in the morning, perhaps she is getting ready to so somewhere and this is her part of morning routine (of course putting blue junk on her face usually isn't, but just play along and pretend with me.) I was thinking about giving the whole thing a 1950s style vivid color tint, but it just didn't work out well in post, so I went with something more subdued. As for the other set we were going to shoot-- my camera's batteries died unexpectedly and the other set I forgot to charge. Plus Vyl8's hair didn't take the curl. This set is probably more unique than what we were planning anyway.”



Hips and Dips

featuring Vyl8


The Doorway

featuring Vyl8


Big Hair

featuring Vyl8


Friday Afternoon Lounging

featuring Vyl8


Dark Chocolate Heart

featuring MissKacieMarie


Bath Time Invitation

featuring Fish