in Star Power (28 photos)

by studiosoftlight


“One of the most interesting features on VyL8 is that her pubic hair is shaved into an upside-down star. In our first Zivity set together, I decided to play off this attribute by having her paint stars on various parts of her body. As always, I shot the majority of the pictures in a way that although VyL8 is the main focus, some part of her is out of the frame at all times. I did this because I want the viewer to understand that there is more to the reality behind the picture than what the viewer can see. I've also chosen several images where VyL8 is getting on/off the stool and contorted at awkward angles. The viewer may find them unsettling, a stark and possibly uncomfortable contrast to the glamor style in which the set is shot. I choose to keep these images to reflect a sense of vulnerability and imperfection. Lastly, I shot the set at 640 ISO and post-processed the set using a flat tone curve, with a slight blue tint and high color saturation in order to imitate the type of grain and colorization one would see in 1950-1960s magazines. (Also for those of you who are curious, the title of the set, Star Power, comes from a Sonic Youth song.)”



Hips and Dips

featuring Vyl8


The Doorway

featuring Vyl8


Big Hair

featuring Vyl8


Friday Afternoon Lounging

featuring Vyl8


Taste Of Simplicity

featuring hexhypoxia


Flower Child

featuring ellenrenerose