The Milky Way of Life

by jeffwalls featuring RavenLeFaye

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jeffwalls says: “Sailing the seas of creamy milk in her lovely tub, Raven is truly in her place of comfort. I know the hair dye is permanent but, I kept waiting for the water to turn to strawberry quick. What a tasty treat that would be.”

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  • 2624633

    Very cool! Thanks for the entry!

  • Zippydj-80x80

    Very lovely! I've shot a number of milk bath shoots myself recently and it's always amazing how you get that great contrast between the milky color itself and the model. You and your photographer used this element to great effect!

  • 2824358

    quite creepy !

  • 2266993

    Pretty! :) I know milk is great for the skin but I've heard it's hard to wash out of hair... Hope you didn't have too much trouble with it :P