in A playful striptease (31 photos)

by acidsnowflake


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“A playful use of lighting, shadow, and poses. This was a very relaxed shoot at the end of 3 full days shooting 8 different models in this location. We had just finished filming a Body Sushi party, all the other guests had gone home and we took the opportunity to shoot this fun, intimate striptease. This set is part of my "Snowflakes in Riga" series of photo-shoots from Riga, Latvia. If you want to see more of my photos of beautiful Eastern European girls (and girls from around the world) please add me as a friend and vote for this set.”



At the balcony

featuring Analuiza


Gothlet's Grand Day Inn

featuring Gothlet


Ghetto Fabulous

featuring Mewes


Who Needs Hansel?

featuring Shebari


Dulce Beach Pt2

featuring verucadulce


Under The Boardwalk

featuring AngelicAngel

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