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in Hera - The Beautiful Immortal (19 photos)

by sobootyful


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“I like to throw things out into the universe and not speak of them. Renee likes to catch them and bring them back to me so we can make beautiful magic without speaking. This is one of those sets, I hope you enjoy it. Incentives: 5 votes for 3 hi res images, 15 for the set. 20 votes gets you the full set + 6 bonus images and 2 scanned instax. We only have 1 original instax available for this set so if you want the first to pop in 30 votes and it will be on it's way!!! ”



My Obsession

featuring minuitstorm


Glitter Gluttony

featuring minuitstorm


The day after

featuring minuitstorm


Pleasure In Restraint

featuring minuitstorm


Kennedy does Stenberg

featuring Kennedy Clark


Queen of Hearts

featuring Hazzard